About us


Nimco has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of directional control valves, remote control units and system integration software to the mobile machine industry by our dedicated commitment to quality, state of the art technology and our strong focus on our customers' requirements together with our dedication to providing our customers with the highest service level.

This commitment has been the foundation for our strong growth over the last twenty years and provides us with the incentive to actively take on the challenges our industry faces in the future.

For our customers, it means that whether it concerns new product development or the production of a single component, each and every step reflects our employees and our company's dedication to making every Nimco directional control valve, remote control unit or customized software design for system integration the very best available.

Our commitment to our customers starts with the development and testing that is put in to each and every product to guarantee stable and reliable performance throughout its entire application.

The close interaction with our customers during the entire development process assures that every aspect of each product application is accounted for and gives our research and development staff the feedback to develop the products of the future.

Over the years, this has enabled us to develop a broad product range, reaching from traditional open center directional control valves to load sensing flow sharing pressure compensated control valves which are further optimized by our PC based software integrated in our electrical proportional remote control units.

The foundation of production adapted designs with high performance machining tools and the testing of every product that is delivered assures that every machine equipped with a Nimco product from any of our production locations gives our customers the performance at all times.